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Yeah some good news and some bad news but here's the bad news first, I promised that I would make Episode 1 of Streets Of Rage but sadly, due to other important stuff, I'm afraid that it will be put on "hiatus" until further notice. It has also proven to have been pretty hard work trying to even start it. In fact, I only have like 20% of it done. To top that all off, it's going to be a short one. I don't know when I will continue it, although there's a chance I never will. But hey, you never know.

However the good news is that, in the mean time, I will be uploading my own Remix tracks (Mostly Sonic releated) and I should have a new one up in a week or two. I suppose that they'll have to do for now anyway. Check out the one I have just recently uploaded. It took like a week or so to get it up there, so please, comment and rate them. Don't forgot to share your personal opinions on them too! Well thats all I got to say about about that.